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In This Episode, Richard Lima talks About:

how adopting a plant-based vegan diet helped him become better, fitter, stronger, faster.

[03:08] Roving Vegans Adventure- Hendo Supper Club, Hendersonville, North Carolina
[06:26] Introducing Richard Lima, Model and Ultra Athlete
[07:29] Why Richard went plant-based

[12:29] How Richard feels about his daughter's decision not to adopt a plant-based vegan lifestyle
[13:24] Leading by example
[14:37] Breaking the myth that vegan diet is too expensive or difficulty
[16:54] Using the power of social media to inspire and motivate others
[20:25] Adopting Man, the orange tabby
[21:24] Give the gift of life- save animals from kill shelters
[24:24] You can make a huge difference!
[28:37] Stop making excuses and start taking care of yourself
[30:35] Start small, build up. Just get up and move your body.
[33:47] Wrap up of show
[35:00] Did You Know: fun facts about veganism

Veganism Trivia
United for Human Rights

About Richard Lima

Richard Lima has been a professional model for over 25 years, working for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Gap to name a few. He’s done photo shoots for publications like Vogue, Cosmo, and GQ. He is also an endurance athlete, running 100K and 50-mile distances and practicing intense workouts for 4 to 6 hours a day. Most impressive, to us, is that Richard has been completely plant-based in his diet for more than five years now.

Richard's Contact Info:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we joined the Hendo Supper Club for a scrumptious 5-course meal at Jazzy Vegetarian Cafe, which is housed in the Sanctuary Brewing Company. The meal was fabulous. The company was even better. These supper clubs are great ways to make new friends and support your local vegan businesses.

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