For the Love of Self, the Planet, and All Beings

The Roving Vegans Full-Time RV Adventures
We left a lucrative career and "traditional" success to live full time in an RV with 4 cats and a dog and to pursue freedom and happiness on our own terms.
Spread a Trail of Peace World Tour
We're the Flat Roving Vegans and we're about to embark on our Spread a Trail of Peace World Tour to learn about and share messages of love, compassion, and peace for all living beings! ​ Won't you please join us?
Whole Foods Plant-Based Diets Cure Diseases
Chronic health conditions that millions suffer from can be prevented, treated, reversed, and even cured simply by eating a whole food plant-based diet!
But Vegan Diets Are Unhealthy!
By eating a vegan plant-based diet, I'm not only maintaining my health, but I'm also reversing the damages I've made from many years of unhealthy, uninformed eating choices.
Vegan for What?
Are you going vegan for your health, for love of animals, or the planet? Your reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle will determine your success.
Want to go Vegan? 6 Tips to Increase Your Success
Want to increase your success at adopting a vegan lifestyle? Check out these six simple tips to make going vegan easy for you.

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The Flat Roving Vegans
Spread a Trail of Peace World Tour

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