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In This Episode, Denise Bitz Talks About:

How and why she founded Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and why animal rescue organizations must adopt a public vegan policy.

2:12  The Roving Vegans Adventure: Brother Wolf Sanctuary and meeting Wayne Hsiung, co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere.
4:45 Take-aways from Wayne's workshop: How to Change the World in One Generation.
5:34 Introducing Denise Bitz, Founder and President of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
6:39  Why Denise started her dog rescue
9:36  Brother Wolf's start in Denise's basement
11:36  The community supported Brother Wolf's NO-KILL mission
15:29  A look at how different the animals at the rescue are now vs. when Brother Wolf first opened
17:15  A donor to buy land for a sanctuary
19:19  Denise's vision for the sanctuary
21:11   Brother Wolf's involvement in Rapid Response for natural disasters
23:33  Why veganism is the answer
24:10  Brother Wolf's public vegan policy
26:27  The number one cause of animal cruelty is animal agriculture
27:43  Evidence of a system problem regarding animal cruelty
29:40  Denise's involvement in the Animal Liberation Conference with Direct Action Everywhere
32:40  Changing people's hearts and minds with Brother Wolf's Sanctuary
34:18   We can thrive on a vegan diet
35:16   How pigs are like dogs
36:25   Veganism as a lifestyle
38:30   Why organizations must evolve as they grow
41:21    How you can volunteer with Brother Wolf
42:32   Interview wrap up
43:30   Did You Know: Random fun facts about pigs
​​Direct Action Everywhere.

About Denise Bitz

Denise Bitz is the Founder and President of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.

Prior to starting Brother Wolf, Denise was an Emergency Room RN who became disenchanted with the health care system that she felt was set up to keep people sick.

Brother Wolf started 11 years ago in Denise's basement as a dog rescue only, but Denise has evolved her organization to include rescuing and advocating for all animals now.

Denise believes that all groups organized to help animals need to adopt public vegan ethics, and must encourage their supporters to do the same.

Denise's Contact Info:

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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Roving Vegans Adventure

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we toured the soon-to-open Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary in Leicester, NC. Denise gave us a tour of the gorgeous property and showed us where each building is planned to be built. We got to meet a bunch of the residents there - pigs, cows, dogs, and cats. Check out the pigs below.

Afterward, we sat in on a workshop conducted by Wayne Hsiung of Direct Action Everywhere. He inspired us with talks on how we can change the world in one generation.

Click here to check out Direct Action Everywhere

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