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In This Episode, Anna Ferguson talks About:

How to cultivate compassion and inner peace through the practice of yoga and the link between yoga and veganism. Anna will also share some great tips to get us started on our own inner peace journey.

[4:54] Roving Vegans Adventure: Puppy Bowl, Flat Roving Vegans adventure with award winning author, Carmela Dutra
[8:32] Introducing Anna Ferguson
[10:15] What makes World Peace Yoga unique
[11:00] Anna’s journey into yoga
[12:44} Why Anna is so passionate about yoga
[14:00] How to slow down and relax
[16:00] Anna’s book: World Peace Yoga: yoga for people who breath
[16:50] yoga and veganism is one and the same
[17:52] Anna’s journey into veganism
[20:50} How yoga can strengthen the vegan movement
[23:33] How to connect to empathy and compassion using yoga
[27:22] How yoga helps you deal with everyday stress
[29:19] Easy ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine
[33:48] How World Peace Yoga works together with Dr. Will Tuttle’s book, World Peace Diet
[35:07] the artwork of World Peace Yoga
[38:30] Did You Know: Fun Facts about Yoga

Yoga: 15 interesting yoga facts you may not know
10 fun yoga facts ahead of world yoga day

About Anna Ferguson:

Anna Ferguson is the author of World Peace Yoga: Yoga for People Who Breathe, a companion book to Dr. Will Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet.  In addition to being co-creator of World Peace Yoga studio in Cincinnati, Anna is engaged in several evolving paradigms as a co-founder of Heärt Montessori, a school where empathy and compassion are taught as part of core academics, the Peace House Grille, a delicious vegan educational restaurant, and the Jubilee Animal Sanctuary, providing a glimpse of what a peaceful world looks like.  

Resources Mentioned:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans adventure, we attended the Puppy Bowl hosted by our favorite vegan brewery, Sanctuary Brewering Company in Hendersonville, NC. It's such a wonderful event to help get puppies and senior dogs adopted, and all proceeds went to Sweet Bear Animal Rescue and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

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