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In This Episode, Wayne Hsiung talks About:

What non-violent direct action is and how to use it to create significant social change, as well as his fight for animal rights.

[4:23] Roving Vegans Adventure- Our RV, Bernice, broke down and we are unable to start our roving life as planned. Bernice is in the shop awaiting diagnostic work and we’re hanging tight and going with the flow.
[6:25] Introducing Wayne Hsiung, co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere
[7:34] Why Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) was created
[8:05] Long-term vision for DxE: Animals Bill of Rights
[9:16] The Constitution already gives animals rights - the 14th Amendment
[10:22] What is law based on?
[11:08] Powerful institutions don’t have the best interest of our nation, of our people, of our future at heart
[11:34] Wayne on facing decades in prison
[13:54} What’s next in the animal rights / animal activism front
[16:11] AgGag Statues

[19:09] Why its so important for people to mobilize and take non-violent direct action
[22:05] What is non-violent direct action?
[24:21] Open Rescue as a powerful tactic of non-violent direct action
[27:28] Charges against Wayne and the implications for animal rights movement
[30:32]  What Wayne thinks about his upcoming trial in Transylvania County, NC
[33:08] Recent poll suggests 1 out of 2 would like slaughter house banned today
[35:13] Wayne’s NC trial date
37:13: How to get involved with DxE

[40:44]   Did You Know: Lesser known facts about animal rights

Animal Rights Facts

About Wayne Hsiung:

Wayne Hsiung is the co-founder and lead organizer of Direct Action Everywhere, an international grassroots network of activists founded in the Bay Area of California. He's spent over a decade studying past social justice movements and applying their tactics to the animal rights movement today. He has investigated dozens of farms and slaughterhouses and helped save hundreds of animals from these places of violence. Recently, these Open Rescues have resulted in legal repression, and Wayne now faces felony charges in California, Utah, and North Carolina.

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans adventure, we had planned to be on the road this week, but our RV, Bernice, is having engine trouble. She's currently at the shop awaiting diagnostic work. In the meantime, we're just hanging tight and going with the flow.

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