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In This Episode, Evan Parker Talks About:

The impact of animal agriculture on our environment and why adopting a vegan lifestyle is crucial to creating a sustainable world 

2:10  The Roving Vegans Adventure: past hikes, RV trips and the Bernice RV Gang
5:36  Introducing Evan Parker
7:17  Sustainability defined
7:56  Overview of the impact of agriculture on this planet
9:40  Implications of plant-based diets and animal agriculture on sustainability
11:48 Core issues impacting environment: land use change, climate change, and biodiversity
13:38  Why Evan adopted veganism
14:56  The start of Evan's journey in a vegan lifestyle
15:57  Evan's advice on how to adopt a vegan lifestyle
18:30  Evan's advice for promoting veganism and plant-based diets to non vegan environmentalists
21:03  Animal agriculture is not the leading cause of climate change
24:24 Why we need to use every single tool in our toolbox to address climate change
29:22  The ripple effects of going vegan
30:18  Powerful actions you can take to help cultivate sustainable world
33:26  Cyclical pattern of nature and why we must eliminate trash
35:15  Social components to sustainability
36:56 Interview wrap up
37:58  Did You Know? random facts a​bout Recycling

Grades of Green: Sustainability Fun Facts & Tips Sheet
Environmental Sustainability Facts on Carbon Footprinting, Water footprinting, Energy Efficiency and Waste

About Evan Parker

Evan Parker is currently the Executive Assistant at Conserving Carolina, a land trust in Hendersonville, NC. In addition, he is a board member at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a No-Kill organization with a commitment to promoting veganism. 

Evan recently completed his M.S. in Sustainability Studies from Lenoir-Rhyne University. His master’s thesis explored the intersections between veganism and sustainability. Evan is particularly knowledgeable about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, and the environmental benefits associated with transitions to plant-based diets.

While Evan is an environmental professional, he views veganism as both a necessary social justice philosophy and as a powerful strategy for sustainability. Overall, Evan is interested in cultivating a sustainable world in which all life has the ability to flourish."

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