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In This Episode, Deanna Won talks About:

How she went from hospice, with four weeks to live, to full recovery of health.

[3:11]   Roving Vegans Adventure: Flat Roving Vegans Spread a Trail of Peace World Tour
[7:50] Introducing Deanna Won
[9:46] How Deanna discovered she had ovarian cancer
[11:34] Why ovarian cancer is often missed in women
[12:23] Deanna’s experience with being diagnosed with cancer
[13:50] The experience that caused Deanna to seek holistic healing
[17:21] Why introduce more toxin in the body?
[17:57] How Deanna dealt with severe pain that wasn’t being helped with pain medication
 [22:29] The medical community’s reaction to Deanna’s desire for holistic healing
[23:56] The miraculous change after 3 months on a raw vegan diet
[29:40] What caused the cancer to come back
[30:08] Deanna admitted to hospice with four months to live
[33:27] The surgery that saved Deanna’s life
[32:34] The miracle answer
[37:56] The treatment plan
[28:34] ​Help from God
[39:30] Green juice and great helpers
[42:29] The lesson- empower others
[43:40] Deanna’s speaking career
[45:12] Deanna’s upcoming book
[49:01] Did You Know: Fun facts about health
 Bonus mini interview: How to Get Rid of Hiccups

Charles Osborne Had the Hiccups for 68 Years
30 Weird Medical Facts
26 Astounding Facts About the Human Body

About Deanna Won:

Deanna Won was diagnosed with advanced stages of ovarian cancer, sent to hospice care, and told that she had just 4 weeks to live. That was several years ago. Today, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Deanna is also the Founder of Keynotes to Life, international bestselling author, speaker, leadership consultant, and holistic health coach who inspires people to reach their highest potential through the integration of leadership principles with purposeful, healthy living. Deanna’s work prior to her cancer diagnosis included 30 years of leadership service in the United States Air Force, where she served our country as a physicist. She has been honored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics for Public Policy, and named Woman of the Year in 2016 by the National Association of Professional Women.

Deanna's Contact Info:

Free health consultation with Deanna Won
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Deanna's swollen stomach from 10 pounds of fluids.

Deanna with her healthy green juice.

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