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In This Episode, Dr. Sven Jonsson Talks About:

How his patient helped him to discover the power of whole-foods plant-based diet and why you should adopt this diet for yourself.

02:08   The Roving Vegans Adventure: The Power of Food group in Hendersonville, NC
03:03   Introducing Dr. Sven Jonsson
04:06   Why Dr. Jonsson adopted a whole-food, plant-based (wfpb) vegan diet
07:03   Exciting changes in Dr. Jonsson's patients after adopting a wfpb diet
  11:18   Dr Esselstyn mentored Dr. Jonsson
12:01    Global Burden of Disease Trial
14:41   Physician's reactions to studies supporting WFPB nutrition
18:33   Dr. Jonsson discusses the amazing results of his diabetic client after adopting a wfpb diet
22:21   Chronic health problems are caused by inflammation
23:31   Saturated fat increase Alzheimer's by double and the number one source of saturated fat is diary
24:51   Studies showing harmful effects of diary products
26:01   Flaws in the FDA's nutritional recommendations
30:31   B12 supplements are needed when you are not consuming animal products
31:22   Why it's important to taper off medications when you go on a wpfb diet
33:39   How Dr. Jonsson start the wfpb conversation with his patients
36:08   Information Dr. Jonsson shares with his patients at the start of their wfpb journey
38:12   The case against oil
40:44   Three recommended supplements
44:05   Interview wrap up
44:54   Did You Know: Joseph and Jacqui share random, lesser known facts about nutritions

About Dr. Sven Jonsson

Dr Jonsson is a medical doctor who trained in Cape Town South Africa. He completed a residency in Family Medicine and a masters in Community Health. He currently works for Park Ridge Health in Hendersonville, NC. He has an interest in using whole food plant based nutrition in treating and also reversing chronic diseases. 

Contact Dr. Jonsson at Park Ridge Health

Resources Mentioned:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we attended the Power of Food group in Hendersonville, NC hosted by Bob and Fran German. Dr. Jonsson was a guest speaker. The room was packed with people eager to learn more about how to take charge of their health by adopting a whole food plant based diet. 

Click here to check out the Power of Food Group

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