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In This Episode, Leslie Naylor talks About:

How Dudley the Cow taught her to trust again and how her Sanctuary Vegan Cafe will help her fulfill her dreams of opening 4Them Sanctuary.

[03:08] Roving Vegans Adventure - our plans for an upcoming 48-hour water fast
[07:26]  Introducing Leslie Naylor, owner of Sanctuary Vegan Cafe and the 4Them Sanctuary
[09:53]  Leslie shares her heartbreaking betrayal
[13:06]   How breast cancer and a mother cow led Leslie’s onto her vegan journey
[17:58]  The start of Sanctuary Vegan Cafe
[19:05]  How Dudley the cow showed his emotions
[21:51]  Raising funds for the 4Them Sanctuary
[22:40] Lack of support from the vegan community, criticism not fancy enough
[27:02]  Vegan fighting amongst themselves and what you can do instead
[31:10]  Leslie's vision for the 4Them Sanctuary
[35:44] Did You Know: Lesser known facts about cows

14 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Cows

About Leslie Naylor

Leslie Naylor is an entrepreneur, a breast cancer survivor, and a champion for animals.

10 years ago, Leslie Naylor walked away from a 20-year marriage to start a new life with her daughter. They left their home town in Atlanta and moved to Knoxville with nothing more than what was packed in her car to start a fresh life. Leslie and her daughter leaned on each other for survival and support. Eventually, with the help of a cow named Dudley, Leslie learned how to trust again, started a successful vegan restaurant, and now, the 4Them Sanctuary.

Leslie''s Contact Info:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we talked about our plans to to reset our body and go into 2019 with the goal of being our healthiest, happiest selves. We will start with two days of a "one-meal-a-day" fasting, followed by two days of water only fast, and concluding with 21 days of eating only life sustaining whole-food plant based meals. We'll be documenting our journey on our facebook page and we would love for you to join our journey.  We could definitely use some cheering on. 

If you're curious to learn more about the benefits of fasting, check out this lecture from Nobel Laureate in Physiology of Medicine, Yoshinori Ohsumi or search "Autophagy" on Google.

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