Welcome to our traveling adventure blog! We are Joseph and Jacqui, a dynamic husband-wife team of roving vegans and mindset mentors!


On March 9, 2019, we loaded our five furbabies and the remainder of our possessions into our 32’ motorhome and started our journey of full-time living on the open road. Although we were living the American dream – with high-paying executive careers, beautiful homes, and nice cars, we wanted something more. That something is the freedom to spend our time doing what we want to do, and to live life with passion and purpose on our own terms.


We have all been conditioned to be consumers -- to want the bigger, better, newer, and more of it. For a long time, we were willing participants. But no longer. We want a simpler life; a life filled with what’s important to us – connecting with each other, growing and learning together, spoiling our fur-babies, exploring new places and having fun, while taking care of ourselves, our animal friends, and the environment. We want to give-back where we can.


To fulfill our dream, Joseph planned an early retirement when his job as healthcare Chief Technology Officer (CTO) was eliminated as part of an acquisition by a larger health system. He currently works part-time as a speaker and moderator for Executive events.


Working part-time allows Joseph to devote much of his free time to what he’s truly passionate about- helping people achieve their fullest potential in work and life.


In preparation for life on the road, Jacqui brought her Mindset Mentoring practice online. In addition, Jacqui has written three multi-award-winning self-help books for teens. Jacqui’s books and mentoring practice help people develop a strong sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth so they too can pursue the life they have been dreaming of.


We don’t know how this will all unfold... All we know is that we are ready to take it day-by-day as we learn to live in the moment and navigate life’s ups and downs.


We hope that through sharing our journey of everyday living and working from the road, our fun adventures, and our adorable furbabies, we will inspire you to take the next step toward your dream life, which you so deserve!

Meet Joseph

Joseph is a retired IT Executive and is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Neimology. As a devoted student of human spirituality, he is a voracious reader, inspiring teacher, and aspiring author with a purpose of shining light on every person’s unlimited potential. Joseph also has a love for animals, reverence for nature and environment, and a passion for motorcycles and fast electric cars.

1, 2, 3...Vegan!

I don’t view my vegan diet as giving up anything. I see it more like setting a higher standard for what fuels my body. Food is our fuel, and in our society it’s just too easy to eat and drink mindlessly. That’s especially true for me. You see, I am not a “foody”. I don’t think about food. I don’t plan for my meals. And since I “eat to live” (rather than “live to eat”) I would eat anything that was nearby when hunger struck. I very much considered eating as an inconvenient distraction Read More

Meet Jacqui

Jacqui is a Multi-Award Winning Author, Mindset Mentor, Podcaster, and Vegan Lifestyle Advocate. Jacqui specializes in helping her clients transform their critical internal voice into a voice of love and support for themselves. Jacqui is on a mission to help people live a fulfilled life with a deep love for themselves, the planet, and all beings. When not working, Jacqui can be found hiking in nature or spoiling her five 4 legged children.

My Path to Becoming a Vegan Lifestyle Advocate

I’m a meat eater. I love meat! I could never give up the pleasure of eating meat! Not now. Not ever. That was me for the first 45 years of my life. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and my life often seems to revolve around food. Even when I’m enjoying my current meal, I’m thinking about and planning my next meal. Images of meat-filled dishes filled my mind. I looked forward to biting into the delicious morsels of meat, delighting my taste buds, and filling myself with pleasure and comfort.  Read More

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