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In This Episode, Victoria Moran talks About:

Life as a vegan in the early 1980s, where Main Street Vegan came from, and the world premiere of her upcoming documentary, "A Prayer for Compassion."

[4:20] Roving Vegans Adventures: the Greenville Vegan Potluck and Supper Club
[6:20] Update on the process of moving into an RV
[7:20] The Flat Roving Vegans adventure with comedian and podcast host,
Linda Schwartz of SheShed Comedy
[8:54] Introducing Victoria Moran
[10:39] The vegan scene in New York
[12:47] Victoria’s journey into veganism and the vegan scene back in the 80s
[26:06] Victoria’s first vegan book
[27:45] How Michael Moore played a large role in Victoria’s Main Street Vegan brand
[31:48] A Prayer for Compassion
[41:30] The Main Street Vegan Academy
[46:32] Did You Know: Little Known Facts About Religions

​Religion Fun Interesting Facts

About Anna Ferguson:

Victoria Moran is the author of thirteen books, including Main Street Vegan and, with JL Fields, The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook.

Featured twice on Oprah, and voted “PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50” in 2016, Victoria hosts the Main Street Vegan podcast and is director of Main Street Vegan Academy, the exciting week-long intensive in NYC, training vegan lifestyle coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs. Since 2012, the Academy now has over 400 graduates in 28 countries. Victoria is also the lead producer of the new documentary called, A Prayer for Compassion. This is Thomas Jackson’s 2019 production that introduces vegan living to people of faith.

Resources Mentioned:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans adventure, we attended the Greenville Vegan Potluck and Supper Club in Greenville, South Carolina. Guest Speaker, Dr. Lori Carnsew of Verity Primary Medicine talked about “Germs in our gut. Why need them.”  

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