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In This Episode, Laura Beck talks About:

Her path to making a big impact, one baked good at a time. Laura also shares some great tips for making vegan baking easier.

[3:44] Roving Vegans Adventure: our plans to rove the US full time in our RV, Bernice
[10:34] Introducing, vegan lifestyle coach and vegan baker, Laura Beck
[12:26] The vegan scene in Mills River, Hendersonville, Asheville, and Greenville
[14:09] Laura’s vegan journey
[17:54] From militant vegan to Vegan Lifestyle Coach
[19:10] Why Laura’s Vegan Lifestyle Coaching didn’t work out for her
[22:40] Butterfly Baking Co.
[25:13] Laura’s baking journey
[27:50] Laura’s advice for new entrepreneur
[30:35] Vegan baking tips
[36:15] Must have items in the vegan baking pantry
[37:34] Laura’s favorite egg substitute
[38:32] MacMamma and BBQ Cook off
[41:31] Did you know: fun facts about baking

Sweet Trivia: 8 Totally Mind-Blowing Dessert and Baking Facts
Five Weird Things You Didn't Know About Baking
Vintage Baking Fascinating Facts
The History of Gingerbread

About Laura Beck:

Laura Beck is a real go-getter. The defining moment in her life was becoming vegan. That began her mission to save animals—at first by hosting movie nights, workshops, and potlucks, to educate people on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

As an elementary school music teacher, she modeled compassion for her students. In 2017, she moved to NC, retiring from teaching to be a full time voice for the animals.

Laura attended Main Street Vegan Academy and started a company called “Your Vegan Mentor”, a vegan lifestyle coaching business. She quickly became a positive force in the local vegan community. Laura is on the board of the Asheville Vegan Society, has planned the MacMomma (a vegan Mac n cheese competition) and The Great North Carolina Barbecue Cook-off. She also created and co-organizes the Asheville Supper Club. Her newest venture is Butterfly Baking Co, whose mission is to change the world one baked good at a time. 

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Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans adventure, we shared our plans to roving the U.S in Bernice, our motorhome. We'll be sharing our adventures on facebook and instagram and we would love for you to join in on the adventure.

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