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The Power of Non-Violent Direct Action
In the 19th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with social media expert, John Oberg about the power of social media to give voice to your cause.
The Power of Social Media
In the 19th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with social media expert, John Oberg about the power of social media to give voice to your cause.
Main Street Vegan and A Prayer for Compassion
In the 18th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with Victoria Moran from the Main Street Vegan about her vegan journey and her latest project, A Prayer for Compassion.
Cultivating Compassion and Inner Peace with Yoga
In the 17th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with Yogini, Anna Ferguson about how to cultivate compassion and inner peace through yoga, and the link between yoga and veganism.
Making a Big Impact, One Baked Goods at a Time
In the 16th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with baker, Laura Beck about her goals of making significant changes, one baked good at a time.
Having a Heart Attack Saved My Life
In the 15th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with author, Danielle Vann about how having a heart attacked put her on a path that saved her.
From Corporate Jet-Setter to Philanthropist Extraordinaire
In the 14th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk to philanthropist extraordinaire, Lisa McDonald about her multiple non-profit endeavors aimed at helping human and non-human animals alike.
My Miraculous Recovery: From Hospice to Health
In the 13th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, Deanna Won talks about her miraculous recovery, going from hospice to full health with the help of a raw vegan diet.
The Plant-Based Tsunami: Accelerating the Plant-Based Movement
In the 12th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, Learning Architect and Plant-Based lifestyle advocate, Ronnie Tsunami, talks about the secrets to accelerating the plant-based movement quickly.
The Hidden Meanings Behind Your Dreams
In the 11th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, Dream Detective, Mimi Pettibone talks how our dreams can help us in our awaken state.
How Dudley the Cow Helped Me to Trust Again
In the 10th episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, Leslie Naylor, owner of Sanctuary Vegan Cafe and the 4Them Sanctuary, talks about how Dudley the Cow helped her to overcome her anger of being betrayed and taught her how to trust people again.
A Model for Health and Fitness
n the ninth episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with model and ultra-athlete, Richard Lima, about how a vegan plant-based lifestyle helped him become better, stronger, fitter, faster.
Vegan Travel Tours: Food, Fun, and Friendships
n the eighth episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with Kim Giovacco from Veg Jaunts and Journey about how easy it is to travel as a vegan.
Animal Advocacy: For the Love of All Animals
In the seventh episode of the Roving Vegans podcast, we talk with Ruth Hatten about animal laws, why it's failing to protect animals, and what we all can do to help animals.
Feel Great and Lose Weight with Fermented Foods
Episode 6: Meg Chamberlain of Fermenti Foods about the many health benefits of fermented foods and how fermented foods saved her life!
Reclaim Your Health with Whole-Foods Plant-Based Nutrition
Episode 5: Bob and Fran German shared their inspiring and miraculous healing through the power of a vegan diet of whole foods, plant-based nutrition.
Environmental Implications of Plant-Based Diets and Veganism
Episode 4: Join Evan Parker, environmentalist, as he talks about how to cultivate a sustainable world
From Basement Adoption to Multi-State Animal Rescue and Animal Rights Activism
Episode 3: Join Denize Bitz, Founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as she talks about animal rescue and why a vegan lifestyle is important for us all.
Healing Chronic Health Problems with Foods
Episode 2: Dr. Sven Jonnson talks about how to heal chronic health problems with whole foods plant-based diet.

The Roving Vegans podcast was designed to inspire you to live life with deep love for yourself, the planet, and all living beings.  

Each episode features a leading expert in the field of vegan lifestyle, mindset, personal development, health & fitness, and spirituality to help you make informed life choices from a place of love and strength, rather than fear.  

Along the way we'll share our own experience of adopting a vegan lifestyle, roving the country in a motorhome with our interspecies family, and how we live a purposeful, compassionate and love-filled life. We will inspire and equip you with tools and techniques to help you live your happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling life now.

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Your Hosts

Jacqui Letran

Jacqui is a Multi-Award Winning Author, Speaker, Nurse Practitioner, and Mindset Mentor.  Jacqui specializes in helping clients overcome the emotional pain from their past while building a powerful and resilient mindset needed for success and happiness. Jacqui is passionate about helping her clients live a happy, fulfilled life on their own term. When not working, Jacqui can be found hiking in nature or spoiling her five 4 legged children.

Joseph Wolfgram

Joseph works as an IT Executive in healthcare and is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Neimology. As a devoted student of human spirituality, he is a voracious reader, inspiring teacher, and aspiring author with a purpose of shining light on every person’s unlimited potential. Joseph also has a love for animals, reverence for nature and environment, and a passion for motorcycles and fast electric cars.

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