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In This Episode, Bob and Fran German Talk About:

their miraculous stories of health and healing through the power of food and how to die young- as late as possible. 

[02:56] Roving Vegans Adventure: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton, Texas
[03:40] Meeting June, the rescue chicken that reaffirmed Jacqui’s vegan’s journey
[06:36] Introducing Bob and Fran German
[08:07] Fran’s diagnosis with Myasthenia Gravis
15:34] Fran’s journey into veganism and whole-food, plant based diet
[18:00] Books recommended by Nutritionist: China Study and Diet for New America
[19:54] Vegan diet versus healthy vegan diet
[23:01] How quickly Fran’s symptoms resolved
[24:12] Bob’s experience with Fran’s medical diagnosis
[26:18] Bob’s diagnosis with kidney cancer
[31:12] Overcoming stress, being mindful, staying young
[33:07] Book: 101 Ways to Be Young At Any Age, profits given to charity
[38:54] Bob and Fran’s tips on adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle and staying young
[44:11] Wrap up interview
[45:48] Did You Know: Fun Facts about Fruits and Vegetables
[51:31] Blooper

15 cool facts you didn't know about vegetables
Fruit facts: 31 facts about fruits

About Bob and Fran

During their lifetimes, Bob and Fran have raised a family, enjoyed successful careers, traveled to some 75 countries, became human rights activists, martial artists, mediators, negotiators, students and teachers in the Buddhist tradition, public speakers, international volunteers, in addition to serving as advisers to a number of non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals globally.


Bob and Fran experienced numerous exciting adventures, learned from many incredible wisdom teachers and have overcome life's inevitable challenges including life-threatening illnesses. They are profoundly grateful to have been touched by countless wise and unforgettable people, near and far.

After many very happy and purposeful years, Bob and Fran are doing better than ever and feeling younger than ever... both at age 78! They are honored to share with others whatever knowledge and wisdom they have gained. Their goal in life is to Die Young ... As Late as Possible!

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Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we talked about Jacqui's visit to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and meeting Renee Sonnen and Rowdy Girl, the cow, who played a large part in Jacqui's decision to go vegan. Jacqui also shared her serendipitous meeting with June, the rescue chicken that reaffirmed and strengthened Jacqui's commitment to being a vegan lifestyle advocate.

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