Want to go Vegan? 6 Tips to Increase Your Success

September 25, 2018 | by: Jacqui Letran

If you are considering a vegan lifestyle but not sure where to begin, these six tips can help get you going and increase your chance of success.

1. Know your why

So many people start an activity to reach a goal with gusto but find their motivation or interest quickly disappearing with the first sign of a challenge. Why is that? It's often because they don't fully understand the why behind their decision. Your why is your belief and passion, which drive your actions and commitment. If you don't understand what your belief is or if you lack passion for your goal, challenges can quickly push you off course. The clearer, and more personal your why, the easier it is to stay committed to achieving your goal. 

Here's a quick 5-minute edited TED talk by Simon Sinek to help you understand the importance of your why. In this talk, his focus is on business, but it's easily adapted to your personal why behind going vegan.

2. Adopt a Success Mindset

In addition to understanding your why, which is the purpose behind your decision, it is important to start any goal with success in mind. Did you know that you are constantly programming your mind for either success or failure? With the words you use, the thoughts you have, and the feelings you feel, you are programming your mind to create your life experiences. 

If you find yourself repeatedly saying, "It's so hard to be vegan," or "I can't stop eating meat," you are actually programming your mind to make your transition to being a vegan difficult. You are telling your mind to make sure you won't be able to stop eating meat. Your mind is like a computer and once you program it with your feelings, thoughts, and words, it will carry out the commands you gave it. So instead of commanding your mind to make it difficult, start programming your mind to deliver the experience you truly want with ease. Instead of "It's so hard to be vegan," program your mind with "I'm willing to transition to a vegan lifestyle with ease," or "It's challenging to go vegan AND I'm up for that challenge." Notice how different you feel when you use words that program your mind for success.

Bonus tip: add in your "why" to make your commands even stronger. For example "I'm committed to go vegan because I deserve to be healthy and I am ready to do my part to protect the earth and save animals." Or, "I chose to stop eating meat because I value all lives."

Want more help with your mindset? Click here to listen to our Stop the Bully Within podcast and get a step-by-step guide on how to rewire your mind for success.

3. Get Informed

Now that you are considering adopting a vegan lifestyle do your research and learn as much as you can about veganism. Knowledge is power and it's easy to empower yourself! Invest the time to do some research and get the facts. There are many thought-provoking and evidence-based studies available at your fingertips. 

Here are two of my go-to resources:
Nutrition Facts
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Check out these documentaries, available on Netflix.

Popular documentaries that bring the facts to you.

4. Gather your tribe

Having a support system is so vital to your success. Many vegans find themselves isolated from their families and friends who don't understand their healthy life choices. Rather than staying isolated, surround yourself with people who have a similar lifestyle and values as you. Check out meetup.com in your local town to see if there are already meet up groups for vegans. Do a quick check on Facebook for vegan groups. Follow a few vegan accounts on Instagram. You might even expand your search to similar groups such as vegetarians, plant-based whole foods, animal rights, and environmental topics. 

For live events and in-person meetings, check out:
Vegan Festivals
Meet Up

Want to get some extra help on your first 21 days? Check out:

5. Be Prepared

When you share your new lifestyle choices, don't be too surprised if you are bombarded with questions. Questions such as, "what is veganism?", "Isn't veganism a cult?", "Why would you give up eating meat?", "Don't you need your protein?", and "Won't you get sick?" These are normal questions for those not in the know. If you did your research, you will be prepared to answer those questions. Rather than being annoyed or defensive when people question you, look at it as an opportunity to inform and educate. You never know if the conversation you have with someone about being vegan will plant a seed in their mind and cause them to consider if they, too, should go vegan.

In addition to being prepared to answer those questions, be prepared with your meals. In the beginning, you might find it a challenge to stick with your vegan meals when you go out to eat at a restaurant, or attend a party or function that is feeding people. Being prepared can make a huge difference between sticking to your commitment or wavering. Maybe the preparation is eating a meal before you head out so that you're not tempted. Maybe it's bringing a vegan dish to share or looking up the restaurant menu ahead of time and deciding what you could eat, or what you could ask to be left out of your dish. If you're so inclined, you can call the restaurant ahead of time as ask them about your vegan options. Many restaurants are happy to accommodate your dietary needs.

To find vegan restaurants near you, check out:
Happy Cow
Happy Cow for Android     
Happy Cow for iPhone

A great App and website to help you find vegan restaurants near you.              

6. Give yourself grace

Lastly, be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. You are just embarking on this journey and you are bound to make mistakes. Just like a beginner in any other endeavor, don't expect perfection on the first try. If you slip, forgive yourself and move on. Every single moment you are given the opportunity to make a new decision. If you made a decision you didn't like, the next opportunity that rolls around, stay committed and decide on what you do want. Focusing on your why and using positive self talk will help you to be compassionate to yourself.

About the Author

Jacqui Letran 
Mindset Mentor & Vegan Lifestyle Advocate

Jacqui is a Multi-Award Winning Author, Mindset Mentor, Podcaster, and Vegan Lifestyle Advocate. Jacqui specializes in helping her clients transform their critical internal voice into a voice of love and support for themselves. Jacqui is on a mission to help people live a fulfilled life with a deep love for themselves, the planet, and all beings. When not working, Jacqui can be found hiking in nature or spoiling her five 4 legged children.

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