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In This Episode, Mimi Pettibone talks About:

What our dreams are trying to tell us and how we can use our dreams to help us in our lives.

[01:18] mini recap of 2018  
[05:28] Roving Vegans Adventure - We challenge you to pick an area of your life to improve upon for 2019
[11: 09] Introducing Mimi Pettibone
[ 12:31] What is a Dream Interpreter?
[12:49] Mimi’s path to becoming a Dream Interpreter
[13:27]  Pre-cognitive dreams / premonition: dream something before they happen
[14:45] Mimi’s first few events of recognizing she had some pre-cognitive dream
[20:27] Remote viewing: consciousness can travel
[21:58] \More people have psychic dreams then they realize
[24:17] How Mimi works with her clients
[26: 55] The main reasons why people engage in Mimi’s help
[28:30] Lucid dreams
[31:53] Night terrors
[34:22] Sleep paralysis
[39:51] Purpose of dreams
[40:54] How dream work can benefit relationships
[43:14] One common theme of the messages of our dreams
[44:00] One of the biggest misconception of dreams
[45:55] Mimi shares some interpretations from her Dream Detective podcast
[49:24] Tips for  interpreting your own dreams
[53:39] Did You Know: Lesser known facts about dreams

20 Amazing Facts About Dreams You Might Not Know About
Dreams About Animals: Meaning and Interpretation

About Mimi Pettibone

Mimi Pettibone has been fascinated by dreams and their meaning since she was a little girl, and she loves helping people listen to their dreams and inner guidance. Mimi’s passion for working with dreams has led her to create The Dream Detective Podcast, which explores the mysteries of the mind, body, spirit…and dreams. She is also a dream columnist for the New Spirit Journal Online. If you’d like to have your dream considered for her podcast or column, you can send it in through the podcast page of her website.

Mimi offers private consultations in person in Seattle, and by phone to people all over the world on subjects including dream interpretation, relationships and life path coaching, and working with the Divine. Her background includes humanistic and social psychology, relationship and communication skills, consciousness and spirituality. 

Mimi''s Contact Info:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we challenge you to focus your commitment on showing deep love for yourself, the planet, OR all beings.  Pick one of the three areas- yourself, the planet, and all animals- and give it extra attention too.  Think about why this area is important to you, and what you would like to accomplish. Then decide on some concrete steps you’re committed to taking in January. Most importantly, follow through on your commitment all through out January

Please share your commitment on our facebook page . We would love to support you and celebrate with you.

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