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In This Episode, Ronnie Tsunami talks About:

The secret to propelling the Vegan movement quickly.

[1:55] Recap of January challenge
[5:05] Roving Vegans Adventures- Road trip with the 5 furbabies to Myrtle Beach
[10:16] Introducing Ronnie Tsunami, Learning Solution Architect, Speaker and Co-Founder of the Plant-Based Society
[12:10] Ronnie shares his miraculous recovery from major depression, inability to walk without a cane, and almost losing his vision within a few weeks of starting a plant-based, whole food diet
[15:01] Ronnie’s initial response after regaining his health and his desire to start a vegan network
[17:12] Working with Nelson Campbell at Plant Pure Nation
[18:24] Lack of nutrition training for doctors and the changing landscape of that training
[20:26] The development of Plant Pure Pods local support groups
[23:49] Starting Plant Based Society with his wife to provide a turnkey solution that helps people start local support groups
[27:06] Why Ronnie decided on “Plant-Based” vs. Vegan Society
[30:17] Biggest push back against vegans and what we can do to prevent that
[34:09] The key to accelerating the plant-based movement
[38:28] The Tsunami is here, what are you going to do?
[39:55] The Tsunami Wave Riders - feel good island music
[43:34] Did  You Know: lesser known facts about community and veganism

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About Ronnie Tsunami

Ronnie Tsunami is a learning solution architect, speaker and co-founder of the Plant-Based Society.  As part of the Plant-Based Society, Ronnie launched  and to help people transition to and live a plant-based lifestyle.  He speaks at events around the world teaching people about the “plant-powered tsunami” and how to accelerate the growth of the plant-based movement.  

In 2015, Ronnie earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University while serving as Chief Marketing Officer for PlantPure Nation.  At PlantPure, he was part of a dedicated team that helped to market the PlantPure Nation documentary in theaters and on Netflix, build a global network of over 400 local plant-based support groups, and launch a successful line of healthy whole food, plant-based frozen meals.  

Ronnie is also the lead singer of the Tsunami Wave Riders, a multi-award winning all-vegan island party band based in Charlotte, NC.  

Ronnie''s Contact Info:

Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we took our 5 furbabies on a six hour road trip in our Tesla. We went to Myrtle Beach to relax and unwind. It's fun taking the boys on road trips because they all love vacations like we do, AND we get to meet so many new people through them. We attempted our first 48-hour water fast. Check out our results below:
Water Fast Video 1
Water Fast Video 2

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