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In This Episode, Meg Chamberlain talks About:

how she lost 200 pounds from eating fermented foods and the nutritional benefits of fermented foods.

[04:30] Roving Vegans Adventure- Our very first ThanksLiving celebration
[07:33] Introducing Meg Chamberlain, owner of Fermenti Foods
[09:39] What is fermented Foods
[10:44] Why fermenting is very natural process
[12:39] Fermenting brings food alive, it puts life energy back into foods
[14:13] Meg’s journey into fermenting
[17:08] The start of Meg’s company, Fermenti Foods
[19:22] Meg’s husband experience with fermentation
[22:57] Meg’s miraculous weight loss through fermented foods
[25:38] Health benefits of fermented foods
[33:07] How to start your own journey with fermented foods
[36:56] Wrap up of show
[37:42] Did You Know: fun facts about fermented foods

9 Facts About Fermented Foods You Didn't Know About
Microbiome and Mental Health in a Modern Environment
Fabulous Facts About Fermentation and Your Gut

About Meg Chamberlain

Meg Chamberlain is a homesteader, fermenter and entrepreneur who has community at the heart of her culture. She explores the craft of fermentation, celebrating the revival of a heritage food preservation skill. In her teaching she spells out specific food waste management strategies, personal food resilience habits how to easily use accessible resources that will support a stronger community.  

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Roving Vegans Adventure:

On this week's Roving Vegans Adventure, we shared our experience attending our very first ThanksLiving celebration with a group of new vegan friends. We were both very impressed with the variety and quality of food offered at the feast, as well as the amazing community of like minded individuals. 

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