Vegan for What?

October 2, 2018 | by: Joseph Wolfgram

Why would you choose a vegan lifestyle? It seems so much hassle to avoid meat, dairy, and products that are harming animals or our planet - yet millions are doing just that! What motivates them? What keeps us on this vegan path and not slipping back into conformity? Let's take a closer look at the reasons and the key to lasting results! 

Here are the top three reasons cited by people who chose a vegan lifestyle

Vegan for Health

The majority of people who choose to start a vegan diet often do so for their personal health or are motivated by the health conditions of a loved one. It is now very easy to find data and scientific studies showing that eating a plant-based whole food diet is the quickest way to improve your health, avoid disease, and even reverse many chronic conditions.

Many are motivated to take action when they are newly diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating health problem or witnessing a health challenge of someone they love. Often a vegan diet is chosen because traditional medical treatments are not able to eliminate chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Vegan for Animals

The second reason people cite for going vegan is for the love of animals. People who choose a vegan lifestyle for the animals understand that most animals raised as "food" are living in torturous conditions and their untimely death is violent and unnecessary. Avoiding meat and dairy will save and improve the lives of many animals.

Realizing that all life is precious and that animals are not "below" us is a major milestone in human consciousness evolution. Animals are here to co-exist with us, as companions and to have their own life experience. They are not here for our domination, to be used or abused by us.

Vegan for the Earth

The third most commonly cited reason for going vegan is to protect the environment. Animal "agriculture" accounts for more greenhouse gases than ALL OF OUR TRANSPORTATION sources of pollution combined!!

We have 1.5 billion farmed cows on the planet today, and the waste produced is polluting our water and eroding the ozone layer. Thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of grain are required for every pound of meat "produced". That amount of grain alone would feed all of the starving people on the planet. Lots of land is also required to farm cows, which is why our rainforests are being destroyed at a staggering rate. The planet was not designed to support this imbalance of animal life; we have created this situation in order to sell more burgers and bacon - and that is destroying the planet.

The Key to Vegan Success

Each of these reasons, alone, are sufficient to motivate one to modify their diet and lifestyle. But any one reason alone may not be enough to sustain that change over a lifetime. The secret to long-term success? Lifetime vegans have one thing in common: they have multiple reasons.

It's so easy to slip back to "default eating" when a vegan diet was chosen for just one reason such as personal health, for example. When the health threat has passed (as it tends to do with a vegan diet), the inspiration to maintain a healthy diet can pass as well.

Like many, lifetime vegans often start because of one of the three common reasons noted above. However, as they educate themselves on how to take control of their own health and discover the depth of animal suffering and abuse to our planet, the decision to stay vegan becomes easy. When all three aspects are taken to heart - physical health, love for all life, and caring for the Earth - more than enough inspiration will be on tap for the time and care needed to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Want to increase your chance of success at adopting a vegan lifestyle? Check out our last blog.

Vegan Spirituality

I'm motivated by all of these aspects, as well as the fact that we are spiritual beings. Our spiritual health and energy are the glue that binds everyone and everything together. It's time to seriously consider this natural aspect of ourselves when it comes to our health, the relationships we have with others (as well as with animals), and how we take care of our natural environment.

We are all energy, and that energy has a resonance, or frequency, that can be low (negative) or high (positive). Eating clean and being mindful in our daily activities naturally raises our energetic vibration. As our vibrational energy raises we become less stressed, think more clearly, and connect more easily on a deeper level with others. We become less attached to our judgments, less critical, and more loving and compassionate toward ourselves and of others. All of these attributes are huge factors to one's happiness and longevity.

Want to live a long, healthy and happy life? Raise your energy vibration. Eating a whole food plant-based diet and connecting with nature and all life on this planet are steps you can take each day to achieve this.

In future Roving Vegans blog posts, I'm going to dive into all of these topics and more - nothing will be off-limits. I love to explore the impact of our decisions, what motivates us (or should be motivating us), and provide helpful tips to assist you on your own life journey of love -- for yourself, the planet, and all of its beings.


About the Author

Joseph Wolfgram 
Spiritual Vegan

Joseph works as an IT Executive in healthcare and is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Neimology. As a devoted student of human spirituality, he is a voracious reader, inspiring teacher, and aspiring author with a purpose of shining light on every person’s unlimited potential. Joseph also has a love for animals, reverence for nature and environment, and a passion for motorcycles and fast electric cars.

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