Whole Foods Plant-Based Diets Cure Diseases

October 16, 2018 | By: Joseph Wolfgram

Roving to Charlotte, NC this past week for VegFest 2018, we learned amazing facts from one of the authorities on the subject - T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., co-author of The China Study.

Dr. Campbell has dedicated more than four decades of his professional life to the longitudinal study on the nutritional effects of health in humans. The China Study is the largest of them all, and has some conclusive and very compelling facts that everyone should know!

Lifestyle Diseases are Curable

Chronic health conditions that millions of people suffer from today can be prevented, treated, reversed, and even cured simply by eating a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet!

Comprehensive research studies dated as far back as the 1960's demonstrated conclusively that a WFPB diet not only reverses the physical damage caused by these diseases, but a WFPB diet can cures the disease entirely. 

Check out this video and learn more for yourself.

Here are some important points Dr. Campbell made in this video:

  • [12:18] As we consume more protein, we have more cancer.

  • [15:20] Cancer is a nutritional disease as not really a genetic disease.

  • [15:25] So you can see here the idea that we could turn on and turn off cancer. This was done back in the 1970s.

  • Click here to get the complete timestamp for this video.

Why were these findings not incorporated into the training of new medical providers, or required as part of a medical provider's continuing education? I could get on my soapbox here and speak to how our healthcare system is broken in many ways, and that whoever has the largest lobbying budget wins at the end of the day, but I won't. Blaming these giant conglomerates will keep us victims and will not cause us to change our behavior. Instead, let's go straight to where we do have real power, and that's the power of our personal choices.

Traditionally, lifestyle diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease call for treatment relying heavily on the long term use of multiple medications. This puts the control of individuals' health in the hands of doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.

You can take that power back and be the greatest advocate for your own health simply by changing what you chose to eat.

Many might argue that it's easier to take a pill than to create a lifestyle change. They claim that a WFPB diet is too limiting, too much of an inconvenience, or even too costly. Let's take a look at what NOT adopting a WFPB lifestyle will cost you.

Any lifestyle disease will cost you:

  • Monetarily - Direct expense of medications, co-pays, and time spent in the doctor's office or hospital. Even if you have health insurance, these type of costs drive premiums higher every year.

  • Personally - Chronic, progressive, and often debilitating symptoms detract you from life pleasures. These symptoms limit your quality time with family and prevent you from engaging in the activities that bring you joy.

  • Long-term - Months and years of medication to treat symptoms of chronic diseases often produce ill side-effects and further damage to your organs. These new problems prompt new prescriptions to treat side-effect symptoms.

Yes, adopting a new WFPB lifestyle can be inconvenient and even can feel limiting at first, but aren't the benefits of living symptom-free and feeling healthier than you have ever before worth it? To further that point - whether you like it or not, if you're living with a chronic illness you are already being inconvenienced. You are already limited. And your inconvenience and limitations will only get worse as your illness progresses.

Wouldn't you rather chose a path that stops the vicious downward spiral of poor health and give you your life back? You have the power to stop, reverse, and cure your illnesses. Just. Change. Your. Diet.

Learn More, Live Better

These are just a few facts we learned at the Charlotte VegFest in 2018, but there is so much more to know! I encourage you to dig in and research for yourself. If you are currently suffering from one of these chronic lifestyle diseases, know that you own the power to treat, cure, and reverse the negative effects, and you can do it with a fork right now, rather than going "under the knife" later.

Be empowered and take control of your personal health. The trade-off of mindfully eating to eliminate disease and feel full of energy far out-weigh anything you think you may miss on a WFPB diet. Give it a try, and see solid results in a couple of weeks, not months. But remember to stay connected with your healthcare provider as you transition to a healthy menu. It will be important to reduce and eliminate any prescription medications under the advice of your doctor as your body begins to feel the positive effects of your eating.

About the Author

Joseph Wolfgram 
Spiritual Vegan

Joseph works as an IT Executive in healthcare and is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Neimology. As a devoted student of human spirituality, he is a voracious reader, inspiring teacher, and aspiring author with a purpose of shining light on every person’s unlimited potential. Joseph also has a love for animals, reverence for nature and environment, and a passion for motorcycles and fast electric cars.

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