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September 18, 2018 | by: Joseph Wolfgram

I gave up nothing to become vegan. Sure, the food I eat is different now, but it is just as delicious and satisfying! More so, because I don’t get any “slumps” after I eat now. Being vegan is simply setting a higher standard for what fuels my body. It forces me to be more mindful when I eat, and that’s a good thing because in our society it’s just too easy to eat mindlessly. That’s especially true for me.

You see, I am not a “foodie”. I don’t think about food. I don’t plan for my meals. And since I “eat to live” (rather than “live to eat”) I eat anything nearby when hunger strikes. I consider eating an inconvenient distraction from what I want to be doing. I mostly ate the cheapest or the most convenient materials possible: fast food, greasy food, high-calorie, and high carbs. I would often over-eat because I ate fast (as I was usually bent-over in hunger pains by the time I finally ate), and I would crash hard right afterward. Sleep would tug at my shirt collar as I pushed through afternoon meetings. I suspected that a change in diet would do my body good but I didn’t care enough about food to invest time or energy looking into it.

Since I would eat anything that was handy I knew it would be easy for me to eat healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods. But healthy foods aren’t convenient, and they aren’t cheap. So, my desire to eat healthy would need to become greater than my disinterest in food before I took any action to change. I was banking on my wife changing her diet to be just the wind beneath my wings I needed... and, soon enough that happened. Score for me!

Having my meals ready for me to eat with little effort or thought on my part (thanks, my love!), paired with those meals now being whole food and vegan, made it quite easy for me to begin eating better. I have never once longed for some food that I used to eat – even if I really enjoyed that food when I ate it. This is because personal health wasn’t the only motivator for my vegan diet. It was the same things that converted my wife which also provided my secondary incentives.

We watched the documentary “Cowspiracy” together. Sure, I learned that meat protein is not good for me or my heart; diseases are actually caused by eating the muscle from a dead animal carcass (who would have guessed?). But the first four minutes of Cowspiracy ensured that I would never desire to eat meat again. I love animals, and once I connected that the substance on my dinner plate was actually just the dead muscle and body excretions of a creature that used to share life with me on this planet the thought of eating meat was repulsive, not appetizing. These harmless beings were being farmed like agriculture, treated poorly, artificially fattened, and then killed in unthinkable callous so we could chop them up, dye them the color of blood, and wrap their body pieces up in plastic – and label it “food”.  Once you see meat as dead animal muscle those fast-food burger commercials are never quite the same. No, I don’t miss eating meat. And I don’t crave bacon (have you seen how cute those little piggies are?).

But my motivators didn’t stop with animals. I learned some facts about how much of the planet’s resources are being consumed or destroyed to enable this animal agriculture. Every burger I ever consumed required 1,100 gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of grain to produce. And the waste from billions of “food animals” runs, untreated, into our natural water systems every day. This is the greatest cause of global climate change – more so than all the cars and trucks we drive, combined! We destroy acres of rain forest every minute just to have enough land to “grow these animals” and produce the food grain necessary to feed them.

When I eat meat I am doing something unhealthy for my body, cruel to animals I love, and accelerating the destruction of the beautiful planet that I live on.

Each day I choose not to eat dead animal bodies I save a life of one animal, thousands of gallons of water, and preserve our rain forests. Every day.

I’ve been vegan now for only about three months. But that translates to over 90 animals that didn’t need to die to feed me. And, no, I’m not deficient in protein. I get plenty of good quality plant proteins that prevent disease instead of promoting it. Laboratory tests show that animal proteins actually activate, and then feed, cancer cell growth. Further, those same studies show that plant proteins actually turn cancer cells “off” and reverse existing cancer growth. Why the hell would anyone still choose to eat meat after becoming aware of facts like those?

That angered me.  I was not taught any of this information, and in fact was duped into believing tales about Milk “doing a body good” and that meat is our primary source of protein which was essential for health. You don’t have to look hard at all to find that big business (and big money) are keeping the dairy and meat industries in active campaigns to win the minds and hearts of caring mothers who will buy their products in the interest of raising healthy kids. This is when it really hit me, “We been played, Suckas!”

Those three reasons (healthy self, love of animals, and healthy plant) combined are the reasons I am vegan. But sprinkle “You were duped!” on top of it, and this is life-long way of living for me, not just a passing diet fad. That’s my story of how I came to this place of understanding and love for myself, the planet, and all of its beings.

About the Author

Joseph Wolfgram
Spiritual Vegan

Joseph works as an IT Executive in healthcare and is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Neimology. As a devoted student of human spirituality, he is a voracious reader, inspiring teacher, and aspiring author with a purpose of shining light on every person’s unlimited potential. Joseph also has a love for animals, reverence for nature and environment, and a passion for motorcycles and fast electric cars.

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